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JAAM’s Mission and Activities

Assets in social infrastructures in this country are aging since their construction in Japan’s rapid economic growth in 1960s. Effective management of assets and organizations becomes more essential in order to realize values from assets. In this context, ISO 55000 series, the international standards of asset management system, were issued in January 2014. The standards are promoted and their application technologies are developed rapidly.

Asset management is becoming more and more important worldwide. JAAM was established to promote and firmly establish asset management in Japan. While Japan is a world leader in maintenance technologies, it has lagged in terms of asset management through the use of these technologies. Training of asset managers is a critical issue in Japan. JAAM provides the training course for asset managers through lecture meetings and certification exams in accordance with ISO 55000s. JAAM also provides the latest information on asset management, creates a venue for interchange and the exchange of views, participates in international standardization activities including ISO 55000s, holds seminars, develops asset management maturity assessment tools, etc. JAAM works to help develop and advance asset management both in Japan and foreign countries.

Asset management system

Reference:ISO/TC251 website

ISO 55001 Certified Organizations
Asset Management in Sectors
Introduction for ISO 55000 series
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The above image represents the benefits from asset management. It was introduced in TC251, a technical committee for the development of asset management standards.
Assets are fundamental to the organizations. Managing them in a controlled manner optimizes cost and risk, allows timely fact based decisions and delivers value in meeting the objectives.
The image shows that the asset management is an essential issue for sustainable development of organizations and it shall not be recognized as a minimized concept that aims only at maintenance and repair of assets.
ISO/TC251 website provides more information on asset management as well as its activities.